The Delta Voodoo Kings are:

Alex LOGEL is the man on the Hammond and piano. He plays since his earliest childhood. Grown up in a musical family, it didn't take him long to know he wanted to pursue a career in music!  Already at the age of 15  he had his first band. Since then he's played with bands and artists such as: "Jim Kahr", "Custum Funk Connection", "Soul Connection", "Ohne Filter", "Riedel", "Sundown", "Funkyfino", "White Horse Latin Band" and "Jeezebel". Alex joined Carl Wyatt's band in 2008 and is a steady band member ever since!

Apollo MUNYANSHONGORE plays the bass in Carl's band since 2005.

He started his musical career in Paris and was a session player in high demand. Apollo is a very universal bass player who not only plays blues but also jazz, Afro-cubain, salsa and other styles of music! During his career Apollo played with artists like "M", "Mike Manieri", "Bob Mintzer"; "Kader Fahem" and many more..

Yves DEVILLE is the man behind the drums.. At the age of six he was already interested in percussion, noticeably the  tambour. After he studied at the  Luxembourg conservatoire Yves started playing the drums in various blues bands and he felt particularly drawn towards the Blues from the  Mississippi Delta. While on the road he quickly came to realize that what he learned during his studies had nothing to do with what the blues was really all about and he became hooked on the blues. It was during the time playing with "The Sayre Brothers Blues Band" (USA) he really learned to play the real blues. Yves is a steady member in "The Delta Voodoo Kings" sine 2007.. Besides that his also plays for Archie Lee Hooker in the "Coast To Coast Blues Band", "Dead Sinners" and other bands.. He also played or worked with artists such as "Tino Gonzales", "Albert Lee", "Ten Strike", "Sayre Brothers", "Grease Monkeys", "Silky Sol" and more..

Photos by Tony Joe Gardener