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Alex Logel, Piano and Hammond B-3.

His blues sprees on keys are played to please!

As the rest of his musician family, Logel began his relationship with music at a very young age—one! He first set his fingers on a Hammond at one year of age. He started his own band at 15. Before joining Wyatt, he has kicked on keyboards with bands such as Jeezebel, Soul Connection, Sundown, Riedel, Jim Kahr, Funkyfino, White Horse Latin Band, Custum Funk Connection, and White Horse Latin Band.

Apollo Munyanshongore, Bass.

His string-thumping, heart-jumping, bass-pumping riffs aren’t for


Apollo is a self-taught musician who started out on the drums, but switched over to bass. His talents aren’t only in Blues; Apollo is well- versed in Jazz, Afro-Cuban music, and Salsa. He has played with many artists, including Mike Manieri, Kader Fahm, Bob Mintzer, and M.

Yves Deville, Percussion and Drums.

His tick-tock on the clock rhythms start at your toes and work their way

up right on time!

Yves began playing drums at six years old. He studied music at the Conservatory of Luxembourg and soon after took his own band, The Sayre Brothers Blues Band, on the road. It was while he was on the road that he learned true Blues has little to do with music—the Blues is a feeling. Yves has played with Ten Strike, the Grease Monkeys, Tino Gonzales, and many others.